New Article

I have a piece published today with the Chicago Tribune that discusses the difficulties of relaying the small yet influential moments of life.  I talk about this in regard to my trip to Asia.

If you’re interested in reading it, you can see it here:

Thank you for all the support!


One response to “New Article

  1. The romantic in me shared your “tears of pain” after coming home from such an adventerous trek. I can also empathize with your feelings of sharing yet not fully being able to convey the true, deep, inner emetions that one experiences at those precious moments and that we somehow cannot convey or translate those feelings to other people even to those close to us that ought to understand or comprehend our feelings. Unless they were there, in that moment, and experienced that event with us, it is hopeless. Traveling alone, I agree, compounds that issue because even when we have a travel companion, their reality of the event will be different from ours; how much more difficult for someone even further removed. Tears of pain. Ponder those moments in your heart.
    BTW – I am not a fan of social networks, e-mail, etc – that is not “keeping in touch” what ever happened to “walking across the street” or a hand written note or letter?

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