Paradiso en Nusa Lembongan

Kara and I arrived in Nusa Lembongan on Thursday afternoon.  Arriving at the port in Sanur, the men at the dock gave us the tickets and then shooed us along saying, “Hurry, hurry!  Boat leave in 5 minutes!”  There is no ATM on the NL island, so we jumped on two motorbikes and quickly grabbed some cash then went directly to the motorboat without a moment to process.  Luckily, we were on the right boat and off on our way to a tropical paradise.

Arriving at the island about 45 minutes later the water became a piercing blue, so clear we could see the coral and fish underneath.  A feeling of calm washed over me and it was only then that I really realized how unsatisfied I had been with the program in Ubud and the city of Ubud itself.  Traveling, I try to make the best of every situation, but arriving in such a beautiful, calm place, I finally admitted to myself, “This is what I’d wanted!”  The first thing I asked once on land?  “So, do you need an English teacher?”

Of course, they said yes, that they had no one to each English on the island, and I seriously contemplated it for a day before I realized that, no, I really do need to go home and rest.  Maybe one day, though!  This is the type of community I’d like to teach in- remote, beautiful, kind people, affordable town, a place that is not bustling at the brim with Westerners.  The island is small enough to walk around in a day, about a two hour motorbike ride.  It’s well known for its surfing and snorkeling, and the main industry here is tuna and seaweed.  Men wade out into the water each day collecting seaweed to dry and sell, and fishing boats return with huge tunas ready to eat and sell.  If you order any generic roasted fish here, it will be tuna, like Cambodia’s barracuda.

Kara and I have spent our days motorbiking around, seeing new beaches each day and eating as much seafood as possible: tuna, squid, prawns.  Yummm.  It’s the perfect ending to my trip.  And, it’s allowing me to sleep!

Hopefully tomorrow we will go snorkeling, but for now, lounging on the beach has become our day-to-day plan.

Getting excited to see everyone at home.  Two more days in paradise. 🙂


3 responses to “Paradiso en Nusa Lembongan

  1. I read the second sentence as ‘the men at the dock gave us the tickles and then shooed us along saying, “Hurry, hurry! Boat leave in 5 minutes!”’ I thought it sounded like very friendly place

  2. I’m glad you found a touch of paradise in Indonesia to make up for your disappointment with Ubud.

  3. Funny that we arrived exactly one year to the day later and had the same experience, a quite and friendly island, so different to the main drag in Bali .
    The fantAstic seafood and so cheap, caught in the morning and cooked fresh every day, I’m already booking my return to lembongan and not via Bali this time . Cheers Wes

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