Only Backpacking

Only backpacking do you have someone walk in the room and say “Oh, you’re cutting your toe nails?! May I join you and borrow your clippers?”

Only backpacking do you consistently steal toilet paper from hostels/hotels/inns, what have you.

Only backpacking do you contemplate purchases by weight and size.

Only backpacking do you talk about poo and pee and not have it considered an adolescent conversation, but pertinent and useful information.

Only backpacking do you meet people from all over the world every day.

Only backpacking do you keep every plastic bag you can get your hands on.

Only backpacking is it appropriate to walk around in your underwear in front of strangers (hostel dorms!).

Only backpacking do you say, “hey, I don’t know you, but would you like to share a cab?” or “I don’t know you, but would you like to share a hotel room?” or “I don’t know you, but may I sleep on your shoulder?”

Only backpacking do you sit down to a meal still not knowing who you will end up sharing the meal with.

Only backpacking is “how many kilos is yours?” a common question.

Only backpacking do you see new places every day and truly never know where tomorrow will take you.


2 responses to “Only Backpacking

  1. Could be part of a standup routine.

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