The Oddities of Thailand

1. The bus system: wave and hope it stops. Hope it will take you where you want to go. Hope they don’t rip you off. After 10pm, fares jump from 20 baht to 400. In conclusion, there are buses, but no system. Somehow, it still works out just fine.
2. The people are so timid, it makes me feel timid (if you can believe that!).
3. Thais never show the bottoms of their feet. You cannot even step over a book, it’s disgraceful.
4. They don’t like to have their heads touched. What is high is holy while what is lower is less-so, so you never touch the high/holy head with a lower/less holy hand.
5. Thais don’t put forks in their mouthes, they only use them to pick up the food to put on the spoon.
6. They snot-rocket instead of using tissues. They think tissues are gross.
7. Monks have cell phones, drive cars and watch sports… and flirt. 8. All male Thais must serve as a monk and in the army.
9. There is no road rage.
10. They don’t steal (for the most part).

11. You can leave your bike outside, unlocked, even go shopping in the market and leave your things in your bike basket. Hallelujah! Finally a safe city! So not DC.

12. There are 7-Elevens everywhere.
13. They bring infants on their motorbikes. And dishwashers. Even mattresses.
14. They eat bugs and dried clams/shrimp as a snack. Shrimp flavored Lays anyone? Tried the grasshoppers- actually not that bad!


2 responses to “The Oddities of Thailand

  1. Your list cracked me up, and also made me cringe. You actually ate a grasshopper??!! Now that’s stepping out of your comfort zone! Did I ever tell you that Samantha (in 3rd grade) ate a cicada (or at least its wings), on a dare, because the boys were doing it but none of the girls would. Perhaps this is some weird Turow-linked-bug-eating gene you guys share.

  2. You may also find major differences within Thailand regarding health and treatments for illnesses since they borrowed homeopathic remedies from India and China as well as different yogic ideas about life forces.

    I enjoyed your pictures and assume the woman standing by herself was Meena.

    In Bangkok you’ll also see there is little separation of high-rise and shacks, unless they instituted a zoning system since we were there.

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