Drug Tourism in Southeast Asia

To my faithful Southeast Asia followers, I want to let you know that a lengthy piece I wrote on drug tourism is Southeast Asia is now posted on The Atlantic.  You can find it here.

I am receiving both congratulatory and job-well-done messages, along with this-is-the-stupidest-thing-I’ve-ever-read messages.  I guess, read it and see for yourself which side you fall on!




New Piece on NPR’s Kitchen Window

Colonizers’ Influence Infuses Southeast Asian Cuisine

I share some culinary observations and recipes from my trip!  Please read and comment and cook!  Eve

Meditation in Thailand

Tripped Media published a short piece of mine today about my experience meditating in Thailand.  You can read it here.

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Just as an FYI, I want to let readers know that I have taken my photos off of Flickr (after hearing some not-so-great stories about photo theft).  Almost all of my photos from the trip are available through my website: http://eveturow.com/photographs/.


If you are looking for another photo that you do not see listed or would like to purchase any of the photos on my website in full resolution, please let me know.  I would love to have others enjoy these images, as I loved creating them!

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New Article

I have a piece published today with the Chicago Tribune that discusses the difficulties of relaying the small yet influential moments of life.  I talk about this in regard to my trip to Asia.

If you’re interested in reading it, you can see it here:


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New Website

I just finished designing my new website: www.eveturow.com

I have all of my publications, blogs, photos, even music linked to through the site.  Please check it out and pass the link along to others.




New Publications

Just a couple articles I want to mention:

Tomorrow’s Chicago Tribune will feature a piece I wrote on the effects of Facebook on relationships post relationship.  You can view it online here: Chicago Tribune Opinions Section: “Breaking up with Facebook”

I also had an academic psychology piece published earlier this week with the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue.  The essay address the role of religious symbols in jury decision-making and the effects of perspective-taking in alleviating religion’s influence.  Check it out here: “Balancing Judgment: The Effects of Religion in US Courtrooms”.

To come: another piece for NPR’s Kitchen Window on the colonial influences on food in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia!  Dishes highlighted will include laap (L), ban xeow (V), green mango and smoked fish salad(C) and gado gado(I).

Please read, comment and share!  Thanks!